Accomplished Projects

Following is a list of some translation projects completed by our company that have earned full

appreciation and satisfaction by our clients. However, our translation services are not,

 in any way, limited to the subjects or fields included in the examples listed below: 

A. Legal

1. The Bahraini Draft Insurance Law

2. Palestinian Laws

3.  Fuel Supply Contract for Mass Global Investment Company

4. Explanatory memorandum for Telecommunication Regulatory Commission

5. Debt Fund Articles of Association for Qatar National Bank

6. The Consolidated Financial Statements for Jordan Islamic Bank

7. Amendments of Public Pension Law- Portfolio Management Terms for World Bank

8. implementation Contract between The Government of Iraq Acting Through The National

  Investment Commission of Iraq and the Ministry of Electricity

9. CIMA- Islamic Commercial Law.

10. QNB BRICQ Fund & Articles of Association of The QNB BRICQ Fund

11. The National Center for Human The Rights (NCHR) Report

12. Report of Human Development for UNDP


14. Most of Saudi Laws for the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Minister.

15. Pension Laws for UAE.

16. Amendments of the Jordanian Constitutions.

17. Most of IP Laws in the Arab countries.

18. All Rules & Regulations of the Central Bank of Jordan

B. Commercial

1. Commercial Guide of the Kingdom of Bahrain

2. Secrets of Electronic Commerce

3. Seventh Annual Report of the National Center for Human Rights

4. Working Safety Project for Crown.

5. Instructions of Granting Bonuses and Incentives to Civil Service Employees for Ministry of

   Foreign Affairs.

6. Financial & Accounting Policies & Procedures Manual for Deloitte & Touche

7. Water Safety Plan for WHO

8. Gam Reward-Deliverable Report For Reward Strategy 1.0 for Amman City.

9. Community - Based Disaster Risk Reduction For Field Practitioners for International

  Federation of  Red Cross.

10. Republic Of Yemen Urban Transport In Sana'a for World Bank

11. PMA- Information Security Policy

12. SME Support Fund Agadir- Preliminary Report

13. Organization Development Manual for Deloitte & Touche

14. MENA Plans 2010-2011 for International Federation of Red Cross

15. Telecommunications markets for Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

16. Individual Bank Agreement for MIG Bank

17. Port Sector Rehabilitation Project

18. Central Alarm Station (CAS) User Training

19. BAT Limited and The Union Tobacco and Cigarette Industries Public Limited Company

      Agreement and Trademark License

20. Aspects Development Implementation Program for Ministry of Planning

21. Report on Financial Sector Stability In Jordan for Central Bank of Jordan

22. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Report (ESIA) Drilling Activities in Risha

      Concession Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

23. Mentor-Coach Manual

24. Behavioral Competencies Dictionary & Functional Competencies Dictionary for Hikma

     Pharmaceuticals Co.

25. Operator’s Manual- Diamond Z Horizontal Grinder.

26. Job Performance Dictionary & International Benchmarking and Findings Report for Prima &

      Corporate University Xchange

27. PMA Financial Stability Report for 2010

28. Policy report for International Collaboration in Science and Technology: King Abdulaziz

      City for Science and Technology

29. Communication for Development- Communicating with children for UNICEF

30. Social and Economic Policy- UNICEF

31. Making it Our Own: Information and Communication Technology- Training of Trainers


C. Intellectual Property

1. Ministry of Industry and Trade Guides – Jordan (AMIR Project)

2. UAE Copyrights and Neighboring Rights Law

3. Intellectual Property Reading Material

4. Patents.

D. Website Arabization

1. World Trade Organization website

2 .international Chamber of Commerce website

3. Global Compact website

4. Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED) website

E. Information Technology

1. Information Technology

2. Telecommunications Regulation Handbook

F. Publications and Education

1.  Business Guide to the Uruguay Round

2.  Business Guide to the World Trading System

3.  Arab Intellectual Property Laws

4.  Revision of the translation of International Accounting Standards in the Private Sector :

A. International Accounting Standards for 1999

B.  International Accounting Standards for 2000

C. International Accounting Standards for 2001

8. Revision of the translation of International Accounting Standards in Governmental Sector

9. Revision of the translation of International Auditing Standards in Public and Private Sectors

10. International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

11. Classification of the International Auditing Standards and the International Statements of

       Practicing  Auditing

12. World Links Project

13. IR-Schools Online

14. Internet Jurisdiction Survey

15. ICC Information Security Policies

16. OHIM Industrial Designs

17. HERU- Institutional Review Handbook

18. The Guide to School Evaluation & Accreditation- CIS School Improvement Through


19. Asperger's Syndrome Book for Rimal Publication

20. Annual Report 2009 for Jordan Islamic Bank

21. Handbook for Coordinating gender-based Violence Interventions in

     Humanitarian Settings for UNICEF

22. INCOTERMS 2010 for International Chamber of Commerce. 

G. Management and Consultancy

1. SISCO Project

2. Lema Project

3. Doha Insurance Draft HR Manual for Deloitte & Touche

4. Risk Management Jordan DIB- Credit Risk approval Policy & Process for Jordan Dubai

     Islamic Bank

5. Project Alternatives & Impact Prediction And Evaluation & Environmental Management

     Plan &Conclusion & References