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We are proud to count the following distinguished institutions among our clients:

      -United Technico Company.
     - 3P-Learning.

     - Bayer Crop Science.

      -Embassy of Iran in Amman     

      -Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.    

      International Organizations:
      -International Chamber of Commerce
      -International Federation of Accountants and many of its committees
      -International Federation of Red Cross
      -International Telecommunication Union
      -Relief International-Schools Online 
      -Save the Children
      -UN Global Compact
      -UNDP Iraq
      -UNDP Jordan
      -UNDP Lebanon
      -United Nation Information and Communication Technologies Task Force
      -Women Fund
      -World Health Organization
      -World Intellectual Property Organization
      -World Links (an international body concerned with education development)
      -World Trade Organization
      -World Food Program (WFP)
      -World Bank

      Kingdom of Bahrain:
      -BMB Investment
      -Directorate of Commercial Registration
      -Directorate of Insurance
      -Ministry of Trade
      -Morgan Kai Group
      -Quality Assurance Authority for Education & Training
      -Securities and Investment Company (SICO)

      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
      -Bureau of Experts
     - King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)
     - King Abdul Aziz City for Scientific Technology (KACST)
      -Solidarity Saudi Takaful Company.

      -Kuwait Energy Company
      -Asnan Tower.

     - Spanish Consulate - Jerusalem
      -Palestine Investment Fund
      -World Bank

      -Deloitte & Touche
      -Qatar National Bank (QNB)
     - Qatar Airways.

      -Glass Curtains
      -SVP Advisors Ltd.

      -Swedish Cooperative Center

     - AGT (Advanced German Technology)
      -MIG Investment SA
     - Small Arms Survey.

      The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:

      -ABC Bank
     - ABC Investment
     - AES Jordan PSC
      -Agadir Technical Unit
      -Ahli Bank
      -Al-Baydaa Company
      -Al Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans
     - AlDurra
    -  AL SAID Trading Co.
     - AQIS
     - Arab Bank
      -Arab Jordan Investment Bank
      -Arab Knowledge Management Society
      -Arab Society of Certified Accountants
      -Arab Society of Intellectual Property
      -AraGen Biotech Co.
      -Bank Audi
      -Bank EL-Ittihad
      -BP E.O.C. Jordan
      -Cairo Amman Bank
      -Capital Bank
     - Capital Investment Bank
      -Capital Management House
     - CitiBank
      -Deloitte & Touche
     - Dream Technology
     - EMAAR International
     - Freedom House
     - Ferring Pharmaceuticals
     - Ficall
     - Food and Agriculture Organization-Iraq Program
     - Handicap International
     - Hanes Brands INC
     - Hikma Pharmaceuticals
     - ICC
     - Injaz Al-Arab
     - International Youth Foundation (IYF)
     - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
     - IREX Jordan
     - Italian Consortium of Solidarity- ICS
     - Jerusalem Hotel
     - Jordan Dubai Islamis Bank
     - Jordan Investment Bank
      -Jordan Islamic Bank
      -Jordan Kuwait Bank
     - Jordan Parks
      -Jordan Pioneers
      -Jordan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing
      -JT International (Jordan) Limited
      -Kosan Crisplant
      -Mamoura International for Resources Development
      -Manaseer Cement Industry
      -Masar United Company
      -Mass Global Investment Co.
      -McKinsey & Co.
     - MS Pharma
      -Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
      -Nabil Factory for Food Products
      -National Commercial Bank
      -Philip Morris International
     - Radisson SAS- Aqaba
      -Sanad Law Group
      -Sharqiyat Magazine
      -Sigma Ltd
      -Standard Chartered Bank
     - Sukhtian Group
      -Supporting Jordan Education
     - Tahboub Brothers Co
     - Tannous Co
     - Taqa Industrial and Petroleum Services
      -Technico MENA
      -The Housing Bank For Trade & Finance
      -Warka Bank

      Governmental Bodies:
      -Anti Money Laundering Unit
      -Australian Embassy in Amman
      -Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission
      -Commercial Registration Department
      -Dead Sea Convention Center
      -Embassy of Iran in Amman
      -Jordan Central Bank
     - King Abdullah II Fund for Development
      -Ministry of Education
     - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      -Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
     - Ministry of Planning
     - Ministry of Trade and Industry
      -Municipality of Greater Amman
    -  Queen Rania Center
     - Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

      Organizations :
      - UNHCR
      - UNRWA
      - USAID

      United Arab Emirates:
     - ADIEFF Press
     - ADRPBF
    -  AL Ghurair
    -  British American Tobacco- Dubai
    - Dubai Chamber of Commerce
    - Emirates Oil
    - MTN Dubai Limited
    -  RTA.

      -TechTrans International
     - Ministry of Transportation
      -Khaled Alwazir Law Firm